About Us

iDiggApp – Toll Agencies #1 Source for Mobile App Solutions
iDiggApp is the #1 source for toll agencies seeking to have a customized mobile application developed that will allow customers to easily and conveniently access their accounts via smartphones and/or tablets while on-the-go to help increase toll revenue, enhance productivity, and encourage users’ interactions. Unlike other software development firms, we specialize in providing mobile technological platforms for toll agencies to engage with their account holders in this ever-expanding digital world no matter where they area at any given time. Satisfy your customers’ demand for instant account access via mobile devices and push-notifications by integrating existing functionalities from your current website with customized features that elevate the user’s experiences.

Over the past years, we at iDiggApp have transformed our in-depth knowledge, expertise and passionate desires into services focused on the transportation industry. We consistently deliver outstanding level of qualities and reliable solutions designed to automate processes and improve resource utilization that will surely help you gain insight into key factors impacting customers’ experiences. The result: added value to your organization and raving reviews from account holders!

Effectively implementing solutions that keep customers connected and excited about your services and offerings while at the same time eliminating frustrations can be difficult, and very few “development firms” are truly capable of meeting such challenge. We on the other hand, have mastered the art of identifying the need, architecting the blueprint, and executing the solution with precision. Our proven patented-pending mobile application technology is the most reliable on the market today. If you want to assure yourself a substantial return on your investment, reduce cost, lower call volumes, and increase revenue, then look no further. iDiggApp is here to provide both your agency and its customers with consolidated and integrated account management capabilities like no other.