G-Toll – A Breakthrough Technology For The Toll Road Authority

G-Toll – A Breakthrough Technology For The Toll Road Authority

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Feature Page

Welcome to the future of toll way services. After four years of extensive research and development, we are excited to introduce, GPS Mobile Tolling (G-Toll), our new revolutionary product that is truly an industry-changer!
G-Toll is the ultimate solution designed to assist you in getting drivers to pay their tolls; even the out-of-staters that are not in your system’s database. We’ve eliminated the headache associated with this complex and expensive process by creating an innovative means that requires zero effort on the part of both you (the agency) and the forever-pressing-for-time driver.

Our patent pending G-Toll isn’t a revamp of the traditional AVI or VToll systems. While these systems fall short in their inability to make it easy for you to identify and invoice in-state violators and the out-of-staters that represent a large percentage of your annual lost revenues, G-Toll makes it possible to stop such economic hemorrhaging. iDiggApp recognizes your need to provide drivers with the capabilities to pay their toll charges conveniently and instantly regardless if they have a Tolltag or not. Thus, G-Toll was created to be responsive to such a critical need and to provide an optimal interactive experience for both the agency and the drivers.

G-Toll is a highly robust mobile app with a GPS-based technology that makes identifying and collecting toll payments from in-state and out-of-staters via the convenient of any mobile device foolproof. Its features include, Instant Toll Notifications, Instant Invoice, and most importantly, Instant Payment to you! It integrates seamlessly into our award winning iToll mobile application that is currently being enjoyed by over 240,000 satisfied drivers and dramatically reduces operational cost associated with license plate toll services.

Modular in design, G-Toll was built from the ground up and engineered using the latest platforms without any reliance on outdated third-party legacy systems in order to remain as flexible and scalable as industry’s needs are diverse. It can be rapidly deployed without any requirements for expansive infrastructures or TollTags.

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